The largest mobile gaming platform in China

Founded in Beijing in February 2004 and through 10 years of continuous innovation and breakthrough, Downjoy (or is the leader in specialized mobile game store, with one of the most influential game user communities and a fast growing market share.

Import of mobile games

Downjoy was the first one that introduced Angry Birds to China and is instrumental in pushingthe game to the top within 6 months. Our objective is to continuebringing the world's top quality games into China.

Toward this goal, we have formed deep strategic cooperation with a number of overseas game developers and agents, including in South Korea, Japan, US, German and Israel. We currently have over 700 game partners in total.

We are one of the most experienced and well-greased game stores in providing professional and premium services in transitioning the adaption of overseas partners to the Chinese market smoothly and effectively.

Export of online mobile games

As the top mobilegame store with a strong player community in China, Downjoy has deep understanding of the China market with vast reach and solid relations with game developers and studios domestically. Downjoy is the perfect bridge in both directions –be it import or export.

For any inquiries on strategies, practices and partnership opportunities in going to the China market or exporting to oversea market, please Contact us

On-Board Process for Oversea Game Developers

Our main product services center around paving the way for the quality games coming to the China market by providing a comprehensive cycle of services. The flow of collaborations is as follows after you send your game introduction, description or demo, we will work with you on:

1. Localization, both in language and in cultural adaption

2. Integrated payment solution

3. Evaluate, recommend and assist in migration to local servers, data center or clouds by professional IT team

4. Promotions via Downjoy's game store and vastly effective channel partners

5. 24 hour customer hot-line support