The largest mobile gaming platform in China

Founded in Beijing in February 2004 and through 10 years of continuous innovation and breakthrough, Downjoy (or is the leader in specialized mobile game store, with one of the most influential game user communities and a fast growing market share.

Our differentiation

1.Broader Availability

We distribute games on multiple platforms for easy download to various models of handset.

2.Most interactive and engaging community in China

Most of our uses are the opinion leaders or influencers. Other players statistically follow the suggestion given by the leaders. They are the key factor in virality of any game that seeks to spread fast.

This is also the reason why many big game developers such as Shengda & The9, have been choosing Downjoy as the first launch pad for their games.

3.Highest ARPU output

Through 10 years of building a strong relationship engaging with its community, Downjoy users typically have higher and steady paying habits. They are willing to spend more for good games. Downjoy no doubt, drives one of the highest ARPU in mobile gaming sector.

Monetization for the Game Developers

In the past three years, Downjoy has brought earning to the game developers as high as 107mn RMB in total, one of the top three in this measurement. It plans to raise the goal to 500mn RMB in the next 3 years, in addition to investing 100mn in early stage indie game studios on the content and production of game design.

It is no longer rare that gamescan earn over 5mnRMB monthly. The curtain has been lifted for the golden age of mobile gaming. Game titles such as (War 2 victory)、(Haypi Kingdom)、(Little Empire)、(World Online)can earn up to 8mn a month.

Besides enabling easy game download supporting the four major mobile platforms, Downjoy also provides similar game recommendation, user community and data information services via its Game Center.

Premium Services

For the game developers, our passion has transformed into actions.DownJoy has devised three major channels to help the game entrepreneurs navigate through the financial difficulties in the early stage:

1. For qualified partners, Downjoy can be the exclusive distributor, with terms such as upfront payment, ranging between 1mn to 10mnRMB.

2.Observing that many a founders of early stage startups tend to falter not on lack of passion or ability, but on the management skills, Downjoy also acts as an incubator by conducting management training, business planning, product marketing and even hiring practices to the partner entrepreneurs.

3.Downjoy may also provide small bridge loans to assist very early stage developers in getting through the growth needs.